Sex, Sentimentalism and Philosophy

Published on 16 January 2022 at 15:47

The choices seem to be limited to: Sex without emotion and emotion without lust. Still seemingly the only two philosophical choices of human experience and existence. And what if these were not the only options? How far and how much can human sentiment be stretched? How far does sexuality go before it becomes corruption? I wonder...

Human emotion is not linear. It does not always have a beginning and an end, but often flows between extremes like an alternating current. Most often, the inner war never truly erupts: it is suppressed, educated and re-educated, sometimes indulged, and in the end ALWAYS punished...

Women continue their submission to either the role of the whore or the mother and men, to either the role of the leader or the follower. Love is expressed as possession, and sex as domination. The body and mind are in continuous battle each fighting for highest place: mind over matter!
And yet, what if all that were really just another construct...just another philosophy maneuvered into yet another norm?

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