Be With Me

Published on 23 February 2022 at 16:03

Some things just are...some things become...some never were...and some can't!  

A measure of my deepest love is in my rhyme (or flow of words when there is none). Ten years ago I wrote you a poem on a scrap of paper (or was it tissue paper?) half in my broken French, half in my mother tongue. I drew a portrait of you as you sat. That didn't scare you. You didn't run!

I couldn't stay. You didn't run...

I wanted more...wanted it ALL...You said "Ok"...and it was done.

The reflection of a decade+ for a friend+ in a refracted world of "be or be gone"...For you Nicolas:

Don't be anxious, don't be sad,

Don't be jealous, don't be mad.

Be at peace! (Be in pieces...)

Don't work too much,

Don't play too hard.

Be present! (Be it apart...)

Don't drink that coke,

Don't eat that tart.

Be healthy! (Be starved...)

Don't love too much,

Don't hate that far.

Be as one! (Be numb...)

Don't go too dark,

Don't be too light.

Be mindful! (Be a part...)


Be my friend, my confidant,

Be my rock, my brother in arms.

I see you! (As you are...)

Be your deepest, when we hug,

Be your darkest, when we fuck.

I want you! (Since the start...)

Be my addiction, be my saint,

Be forever, be for now.

Glad I met you! (in that bar...)



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