Cultist Ideologies

Published on 14 March 2024 at 12:49

"To cult or not to cult?" - I may have quoted too much Shakespeare the last while 😅. Naughty me! 😈

Photo model: Jade (Wolf Clothing)

Back to black! As we Goths say: No...Goth isn't and never was a cult. It was a social movement post-Punk era that has now dwindled into mostly "just" fashion. In short, the Goth social movement was aimed at drawing attention to the hypocrisy of a post-Hippie era society. Make love not War was a great mantra that expired once the spread of sexually transmitted diseases took large-scale propositions. 

Love had a price.

The dark make-up and clothing; the white foundation and the undead, Vampiric look was all aimed at showing on the outside what was ever present on the inside of different parts of society. It was an all-inclusive movement for young and old, gay and straight, black and white. Most of the post-Goth era reviews reflected: the only group where they'd all felt genuinely welcomed. No strings.

The Goths rejected the fear of death; fear of evil; denial of suffering and it's purpose in life. If the Goths were still around today the way they were back then, they'd be the first to critique the "toxic positivity" and "endless self-help mantra" movements of today. 

And speaking of self-help mantra's: it's worth taking a read on the latest involving a mom and wife, who was convinced that the world was out to get her.

For those too impatient to read, here's a summary (from The Guardian): Jodi Hildebrandt, owner of a self-improvement counselling business convinced Ruby Franke, 42 and mother of six (who gave online parenting advice via a popular YouTube channel), that the government, the police, her family and her husband were all her enemies and out to get her. She was brainwashed into applying torturous punishments onto her own children in order to cure them of possession. She has now been sentenced to a 60-year term in prison.

One might ask how could another woman of 54 years manage to convince an otherwise loving mother to ditch all sense of logic and critical thinking, abandon her 23 year marriage and follow this woman's maleficent, self-help mantra all the way to jail? Well, it took four years and possibly social media. It's not negligible that she'd had 2.3 million followers on her video channel. Attention is addictive...and very affirmative. Acceptance or Delusion? That is the question.

All it takes to lose your mind (and soul perhaps) today is some seemingly flawless logic (the fallacy type that I've written about before), and a whole lot of virtual attention embroidered by a clever cultist ideology. I shrug my shoulders.

Been there, done that.

Back when I was a teen, my family fell for the charisma of a man quite significantly their senior. He was a kind, talkative, intelligent and somewhat rich man. He wove his web around them already knowing that us being immigrants meant a certain level of pre-existing isolation. There was no need to separate us from extended family or friends. All it took was around 2 and a half years of developing a deep friendship...and trust. Or so it seemed. During that preparation period, he steered clear of overt flirting or insinuations with me. I was 15 and still a child at the time. Instead, he subtly courted my mother. His remarks were only just bordering on the inappropriate. He had a way with words and his ability to listen, project and intercept, reassured us that all was well-meaning. He'd consistently showered us all with various gifts (special occasions and outings) and we'd already spent some Christmases together. A few months shy of my 18th birthday he turned up the heat. I call this the execution phase . Needless to say that I shall keep the details of all that transpired during the subsequent  couple of months, for my second book Wonderland (those interested in some of the basic, rather unembellished details are invited to read the first Down the Rabbit Hole). 

Having recently watched the movie Saltburn, it of course reminded me of my own story, as well as the similar themed movie The Talented Mr. Rippley. One could add of course the famous and real-life story of Catch me if you Can! All of these centre around similar concepts: A well-established con; deceit; manipulation; narcissism; sex and money.

There aren't always tragic endings though.

Not all con artists are THAT good. One might be seduced into having sex with someone one wouldn't otherwise have considered. One might be tricked into lending money to an individual despite his (or her) track record of never paying back. The possibilities are endless. Only recently two professional con's led down a pretty dark rabbit hole. It's sad and pathetic and all that but it's not new. The better the tech (or the platform), the better the con.

What's more frightening is large scale brainwashing such as described by some of my favourite, intelligent podcasters Blaire White, Buck Angel, and many others (some of whom I've mentioned before in my writings).  Critical Race Theory, Gender Ideology and Woke Ideology are good examples of mass influencers of society that each attempt to reach their goal not so much by arguing truths but by stifling opposition. Critical thinking isn't enough to combat groups of people with personal agenda's. One needs facts, and one needs history. In a recent conversation with a former friend I mentioned taking a few steps back and looking at where I'd started on my alternative lifestyle journey and why. We live life in fast-forward today: Fast money (on the side), fast love (on the side) and fast health (shakes and pills). Everything runs in parallel and before we catch our breath we've derailed into a brick wall and wonder how we all got there.

Been there, done that, and in several recent instances have the regret to prove it.

How to avoid being manipulated into a future of someone else's making?

How to be confident in one's own image and judgment without external rituals and rites?

How to not be used?

My one answer to all those questions is: Meditate!

Pause the rat race and take at least 5 minutes per day to be alone, in the dark, away from stimuli and let your mind race through whatever it chooses until one day, you gain enough control to see nothing and think of nothing. When you finally reach the void, what lies beyond, is clarity and serenity.

It's not a recipe for all ailments of the mind and heart. After 20 years of practice, I still regress to useless pain and suffering...and anger.


I'm in control.

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