Irina du Plessis

"Je suis maintenant qui j'étais encore plus..."

"I am now, what I've always been...and more..."

A thrice immigrant: Belgian, Romanian-born South African .

Once upon a time, long ago, up on a stage, at the Southernmost tip of Africa, I was introduced as a Romanian refugee at the De Beers writing competition.

I wanted to correct them:

"Nee, liewer 'n kind van die wêreld!

My written conquest started with comic-like stories on scraps of paper and evolved to a fully-fledged novel "Down the Rabbit Hole" (2008)

On my site I hope to take you , the audience, the reader, or VOYEUR if you prefer, on a literary as well as sensual journey. 

We don't really have time to read anymore, I agree! So don't! Just look at the PICTURES then, or listen...or tell a story...any long as it fuels our collective subconscious, and insatiable, desire for life!