Be my Valentine !

Published on 14 February 2024 at 11:52

She undresses slowly...looking you in the eyes. You wish you could slow the show. It's what you paid for...this and so much more... 

She has beautiful, long, dark hair. Her Persian eyes, full lips and large breasts are designed by the nature Gods to tickle your fantasies. She's also a lawyer and can fill your ears with a great synopsis of Aristotle's Constitution

And then there's her! Blonde, blue eyes, wide hips and a milky-white plump bosom. She has a little, delicate tattoo staring at you from her naked ankle. She's your girl next door: married, faithful...and just that little bit naughty conservative. You can watch her interact directly with a man she genuinely finds irresistible. It will be as real as it's ever going to get...from the other side of a screen. 

On this Valentine's day, 14 February 2024, we go back in time to the pleasure quarters of 16th century Japan.

Called the yūkaku, they were the only places where you could practice prostitution legally. They were what one might call The Red Light Districts of today. In these quarters one could find different echelons of prostitution: serving girls (who also, though not exclusivelyoffered sexual services) and courtesans of different social rankings. During the Heian period, men were not expected to be faithful to their wives. The ideal wife was not a source of love and romance. Courtesans were not only available for sexual enjoyment, but also as romantic partners and artistic entertainers. They were thus both an outlet for men as well as common companions. One might say, the polyamory solution to Confucian customs of marriage at the time. 

Interestingly, the first geisha were in fact male performers who entertained guests (including the guests of the courtesans). The first woman to call herself a Geisha was a prostitute from Fukagawa, around the year 1750. She'd become a skilled singer and musician. Only later did the profession become mainly characterised by female workers.Though geisha were forbidden from selling sex, many still continued to do so.

And now back to the future! Nothing much has changed...or maybe some things have...

With the advent of online prostitution (otherwise known as porn) many more safe havens (or virtual pleasure districts) have been created for women who could in fact call themselves modern geisha

Many more highly educated and often highly skilled women prefer to sell their unique mix of sexual and intellectual entertainment instead of working in an office, or a factory. What does that mean for the modern wife or life partner on this Valentine's day of love? means it's time to step out of our Confucian confusion of roles and sensibilities. The sexual liberation of feminism was supposed to bridge the gap between the courtesan and the wife. Essentially creating a master in the kitchen and a nymph in the bedroom...or...a nymph in the kitchen and a master in the bedroom?! Location, location...location...

What would you wish for on this day? (Those who don't celebrate, remember it's just a good excuse to turn up the heat!)

Be honest! What would satisfy your desires?

Back in High School, I wished for a rose.

In University, I wished for a weekend in a hut near the coast.

In my thirties, I wished for a high speed motorcycle ride and a cold beer! 

Now? A box of cherry chocolates, a slice of dark, mousse cake, and a glass of red, sparkling wine!

...also some on mute...curtains closed...or open? (whatever opens your sluice gates).

Whether you're a high ranking socialite, a wife, a mom, a manager, the cleaning lady or a combination of any of those roles, the modern geisha resides in us all. All it takes is a bit of imagination, letting go...and time. A skilled and intuitive romantic partner also goes a long way! The kind that takes time off to surprise you with exactly what you wish for at that particular point in time. So choose wisely! Maximum exigence for optimum satisfaction.

Cheers! And Happy Valentine's Day!

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