Young & Beautiful

Published on 30 January 2022 at 11:58

"Will you still love me when I'm no longer young and beautiful?"

One of the lyrics from Lana Del Rey's songs featured in The Great Gatsby movie.

"Yes I will." He says coming up behind me, watching my latest creative process on the computer.

"Ha!" I replied to him, "I didn't ask!"

"I didn't answer." He smirked. "I stated!" He added, giving me a kiss and walking away.

I've read a lot of body, sex, age and mind positive posts and I AGREE with all of them. Feeling good in one's own skin is's evolution from the teenage mentality of extreme beautification for the sake of acceptance. Arriving at the realization that each decade brings its own rewards is serenity.

It's actually within this framework that I can say, that if I had a choice about getting my 20-year old body back, I would take it. Why, If I'm content with my physical appearance? Because at 20+, I had more energy; my body was at peak performance from intense sports and everything functioned like a shiny, new sports bike just out of the factory. The only thing missing in my twenties was the breaking-in.

In my thirties, I can say that I took my machine for a fast and furious spin! I could finally unlock those parts of my sexuality to which I'd had no access before (right time, right place, right person). I then pushed the machine beyond its limits by manufacturing two other younger machines. Once again this process unlocked and matured parts of my physique that had essentially remained all girl for decades. All that however, came at a price...the price of aging...the price of long lasting pain; of chronic fatigue...Machine fatigue...

I didn't give up on it, allowing time to heal, time to reflect and taking the risks to replace the broken parts. I've kick-started from these short circuits several times and...I'm still a good ride! 😁.

But no, diving into my fortieth decade this year, I'm not so young and beautiful anymore and don't feel it so much anymore either. Moreover, the thought that in only ten years' time, I'll be heading into my fifties, is probably more irritating than just being forty.

Nel mezzo del cammin di mia vita - my little inferno.

In any case, it's not my intention to bash on positivism.

I'm more attracted to those of my own generation than to the smooth, unadulterated features of youth. I get lost in the lines and crevices of a lover's face like Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole. There are stories to be read in those eyes and paths to explore together along the contours of each other's body.

Time will stop for no I don't fall in love...I jump in!

A better song to get old to by: Nick Kingsley & Hannah Hart... 😘

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8 months ago

I loved my 30's more then my 20s. 40s seem intimidating but I know future me will look back at the ' 40s as those days when I was do young.'